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Jahrgang 7 (2021), Ausgabe 2

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Bart van der Sloot

Seite 149 - 154

Seeking in Data an Answer to the Question of Empowerment

Anthony Elliott

Seite 155 - 156

Mark of the Human: On the Concept of the Digital Human Being

Beate Roessler

Seite 157 - 160


Regulating Automated Decision-Making: An Analysis of Control over Processing and Additional Safeguards in Article 22 of the GDPR.

Mariam Hawath

Seite 161 - 173

Transparency and Consent in Data-Driven Smart Environments

Christof Koolen

Seite 174 - 189

Refining the Concept of the Right to Data Protection in Article 8 ECFR – Part II open-access

Controlling Risks Through (not to) Article 8 ECFR Against Other Fundamental Rights

Maximilian von Grafenstein

Seite 190 - 205

Putting the GDPR into Practice: Difficulties and Uncertainties Experienced in the Conduct of Big Data Health Research

Birgit Wouters, David Shaw, Chang Sun, Lianne Ippel, Johan van Soest, Bob van den Berg, Ole Mussmann, Annemarie Koster, Carla van der Kallen, Claudia van Oppen, Andre Dekker, Michel Dumontier, David Townend

Seite 206 - 216


Recent Developments and Overview of the Country and Practitioner’s Reports

Mark D Cole

Seite 217 - 220

European Union ∙ EDPB Issues Guidance on Personal Data Transfers Based on Adequacy Decisions in the Context of the Law Enforcement Directive

Laura Drechsler

Seite 221 - 227

European Union ∙ First of Many? First GDPR Transnational Code of Conduct Officially Approved After EDPB Opinions 16/2021 and 17/2021

Carl Vander Maelen

Seite 228 - 231

Council of Europe ∙ The Council of Europe’s Tromsø Convention on Access to Official Documents

Sebastian Zeitzmann

Seite 232 - 237

Spain ∙ GDPR ‘Glasnost’: The Spanish AEPD Raises the Transparency Bar and Sanctions Two Banks

Julien Levis, Philipp Fischer

Seite 238 - 242

The Netherlands ∙ Administrative Court Judgment on the Interpretation of Commercial Interests as Legitimate Interests

Joost Gerritsen

Seite 243 - 247

Italy ∙ Supreme Court of Cassation on Automated Decision Making: Invalid Consent if an Algorithm is Not Transparent

Giorgia Bincoletto

Seite 248 - 253

Germany ∙ New Act on Privacy and Electronic Communications

Kristin Benedikt

Seite 254 - 259

Ireland ∙ Data Protection Implications of Data-driven Measures Adopted in Ireland at the Outset of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Maria Grazia Porcedda

Seite 260 - 269

Czech Republic ∙ The EU Whistleblowing Directive and its implementation in the Czech Republic: Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Challenges in Whistleblower Protection

Jan Skrabka

Seite 270 - 273

Practitioners’ Corner ∙ Anonymisation and Re-Identification Risk for Voice Data open-access

Alvaro Moretón, Ariadna Jaramillo

Seite 274 - 284

Practitioners’ Corner ∙ Administrative Fines for Infringement of Information Duties:Aggravating and Mitigating Factors in Light of Data Subjects’ Indifference

Jens Nebel

Seite 285 - 295

Book Reviews

Book Review

Michalina Nadolna Peeters, Rossana Ducato

Seite 343 - 347

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