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Big Brother Watch and others v. the United Kingdom & Centrum för Rättvisa v. Sweden: Does the Grand Chamber Set Back the Clock in Mass Surveillance Cases?

Bart van der Sloot


This case note concerns two Grand Chamber judgements that were issued on the same day and both address the matter of mass surveillance, namely that of Centrum för Rättvisa v. Sweden and Big Brother Watch et al. v. The United Kingdom. Both initial judgements by the European Court of Human Rights (the Chamber judgements) have already been annotated in this journal (EDPL 4/2018 and EDPL 2/2019) and a number of academic articles have appeared providing an analysis of the case law of the Court on mass surveillance. That is why this case note will not describe the facts of the cases in detail (read the earlier case notes) or touch upon the points already analysed by scholars (read the articles), but will be limited to providing the reader with a non-exhaustive list of points of interest. Yet, this case note will not be short, because the judgements by the Grand Chamber are substantial (more than 100 pages in the Swedish case, more than 200 pages in the British case).

Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) Tilburg University, Netherlands.


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