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EDPL 3/2023 Out Now

EDPL 3/2023 – Privacy and Data Protection Law 10 Years from Now


To celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the GDPR, the latest issue of the European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL) is looking ahead – to the future of privacy and data protection law. The articles and opinions in EDPL 3/2023 are dedicated to this theme. Leading experts share their views how the rapid technological and societal developments will affect privacy, which fundamental concepts and aims of the current laws should be revised, and which regulatory approach should be adopted. Read the articles on:


It is an honour to feature opinions by Anu Talus, Chair of the EDPB, about the GDPR at Five (and Beyond) and by Maja Brkan, Judge at the General Court, on Artificial Intelligence and Judicial Decision-Making.

As always, in the journal you can find informative country reports from:


The case notes in EDPL 3/2023 offer analysis of:


Completing the issue is the book review of Suzanne Vergnolle’s L’effectivité de la protection des personnes par le droit des données à caractère personnel.