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Volume 2 (2016), Issue 4

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Introduction ∙ Recent Developments and Overview of the Country and Practitioners’ Reports

Page 532 - 534

Multi-Country ∙ The Regulation of Commercial Profiling – A Comparative Analysis

Indra Spiecker genannt Döhmann, Olivia Tambou, Paul Bernal, Margaret Hu, Carlos Alberto Molinaro, Elsa Negre, Ingo Wolfgang Sarlet, Laura Schertel Mendes, Normann Witzleb, Florian Yger

Page 535 - 554

United Kingdom ∙ Inadequacies in the UK’s Data Science Ethical Framework

Charles Raab, Roger Clarke

Page 555 - 560

Germany ∙ Insight About Investigations of Smart TV Users’ Security by the German Data Protection Authorities

Kristin Benedikt

Page 561 - 568

Czech Republic ∙ Electronic Healthcare and Data Protection in the Czech Republic

Jan Tomíšek

Page 569 - 575

Practitioner's Corner ∙ Implementing the EU General Data Protection Regulation: A Business Perspective

Axel Freiherr von dem Bussche, Anna Zeiter

Page 576 - 581

Book Reviews

Book Review

Mara Paun, Alessandro Mantelero, Irene Kamara, Bart van der Sloot

Page 608 - 616

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