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Jahrgang 9 (2023), Ausgabe 2

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Bart van der Sloot

Seite 93 - 97

Opinions ∙ Privacy in Modern American Law and Society

Joanna L. Grossman, Lawrence M. Friedman

Seite 98 - 103

Opinions ∙ Privacy Is Hard and Seven Other Myths

Jaap-Henk Hoepman

Seite 104 - 111


Recent Developments and Overview of the Country and Practitioners Reports

Mark D Cole, Christina Etteldorf

Seite 157 - 162

European Union ∙ The E-Evidence Package is Adopted: End of a Saga or Beginning of a New One? open-access

Stanisław Tosza

Seite 163 - 172

European Union ∙ Renewed Concerns About Compliance of the Proposed ‘Regulation to Prevent and Combat Child Sexual Abuse’ with Essence of Right to Data Protection: The Council Legal Service Opinion

Teresa Quintel

Seite 173 - 183

European Union ∙ Round-up: Recently Adopted EDPB Guidelines Contextualised

Sandra Schmitz-Berndt

Seite 184 - 193

European Union ∙ EDPB Decision 1/2023: The Schrems Saga Back on the GDPR’s Enforcement Rails

Lisette Mustert

Seite 194 - 199

Austria ∙ Reconciling ‘Pay or Okay’ Models with the GDPR: The Austrian DPA Decision and other Recent Approaches in Europe

Katharina Kollmann

Seite 200 - 206

Finland ∙ Supreme Administrative Court of Finland on Processing of Children’s Data in Light of the Principle of Data Minimisation

Päivi Korpisaari

Seite 207 - 213

France ∙ The Constitutional Council Validates the Use of Augmented Video Recognition Technology for the Olympics

Hugo Lami

Seite 214 - 218

Italy ∙ Italian DPA Fined Condominium Manager for the Disclosure of Covid-19 Positivity in the Building

Giorgia Bincoletto

Seite 219 - 222

Malta ∙ Maltese DPA Rules on Data Breach Involving an Illegal Voter Database and the Right of Access

Mireille M Caruana, Roxanne Meilak Borg

Seite 223 - 230

United Kingdom ∙ The DPDI No.2 Bill - GDPR Revamp or Rule Tinkering?

Luben Roussev

Seite 231 - 238

Practitioners’ Corner ∙ The Influence of the GDPR on Protection of Young People’s Privacy: New developments in China, California and Australia

Normann Witzleb, Sarah Hünting

Seite 239 - 250

Book Reviews

Book Review open-access

Suzanne Nusselder

Seite 275 - 280

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