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Volume 8 (2022), Issue 1

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Bart van der Sloot

Page 1 - 6

Fundamentals for a Child-Oriented Approach to Data Processing

Jennifer Dolan

Page 7 - 13

The Politics of Children’s Privacy

Sara M. Grimes

Page 14 - 18


Recent Developments and Overview of the Country Reports

Mark D Cole, Christina Etteldorf

Page 73 - 77

Austrian DPA Decides EU-U.S. Data Transfer Through the Use of Google Analytics to be Unlawful

Stephan Winklbauer, Robert Horner

Page 78 - 84

Belgium ∙ Belgian Data Protection Authority Ruling - Online Advertising on the Brink of Extinction?

Kristin Benedikt

Page 85 - 89

European Union ∙ The EDPS on Europol’s Big Data Challenge in Light of the Recast Europol Regulation

The Question of Legitimizing Unlawful Practices

Teresa Quintel

Page 90 - 102

European Union ∙ Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2022/30 Supplementing Directive 2014/53/EU on Radio Equipment: Strengthening Cybersecurity, Privacy and Personal Data Protection of Wireless Devices open-access

Pier Giorgio Chiara

Page 103 - 107

European Union ∙ The Data Act: The Next Step in Moving Forward to a European Data Space

Angelica Fernandez

Page 108 - 114

Germany ∙ German Angst and the Immunisation Registry

The Question of the Compatibility of Immunisation Registries and the GDPR Against the Background of a Possible Introduction of Compulsory Vaccination in Germany

Alina J. Wolski

Page 115 - 120

Luxembourg DPA Raises the Bar for Data Protection Officers

Florence D’Ath

Page 121 - 127

Lithuanian Supreme Administrative Court Undertakes a Legitimate Interests Assessment in a Seminal Case on Journalistic Expression

Natalija Bitiukova

Page 128 - 133

United Kingdom ∙ The Court of Appeals Judgment Concerning the Legality of the ‘Immigration Exception’ for Data Processing

Lorna Woods

Page 134 - 136

Book Reviews

Book Review open-access

Tatiana Duarte

Page 156 - 158

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