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Jahrgang 4 (2018), Ausgabe 3

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Bart van der Sloot

Seite 267 - 269

Opinions ∙ The Rotting Meat Error: From Galileo to Aristotle in Data Mining? open-access

Giovanni Comandé

Seite 270 - 277

Opinions ∙ Flaws in the European Legal Framework with Respect to Gamete Donor Privacy Protection open-access

Gianluca Montanari Vergallo

Seite 278 - 279


Introduction to the Special Issue:

A New Regulation or a New Medicine? The Complex Governance of Personal Data in Medicine

Alessandro Spina

Seite 280 - 283

Challenges for Citizen Science and the EU Open Science Agenda under the GDPR

Anna Berti Suman, Robin Pierce

Seite 284 - 295

Data Portability in Health Research and Biobanking:

Legal Benchmarks for Appropriate Implementation

Gauthier Chassang, Tom Southerington, Olga Tzortzatou, Martin Boeckhout, Santa Slokenberga

Seite 296 - 307

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnoses and the Right to Explanation

Thomas Hoeren, Maurice Niehoff

Seite 308 - 319

Machine Learning in Medicine: open-access

Opening the New Data Protection Black Box

Agata Ferretti, Manuel Schneider, Alessandro Blasimme

Seite 320 - 332

Machine Learning for Diagnosis and Treatment:

Gymnastics for the GDPR

Robin Pierce

Seite 333 - 343

Book Reviews

Book Review

Silvia De Conca, Alessandro Mantelero, Edoardo Celeste

Seite 404 - 411

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