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Volume 8 (2022), Issue 2

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Bart van der Sloot

Page 167 - 173

Police Body-Worn Cameras as a Tool for Achieving Police Reform

Michael D. White, Aili Malm

Page 174 - 178

Much Ado About Nothing: Why Bodycams are Not a Disruptive Technology

Sander Flight

Page 179 - 182


Recent Developments and Overview of the Country and Practitioners Reports

Mark D Cole, Christina Etteldorf

Page 250 - 254

European Union ∙ DMA – Digital Markets Act or Data Markets Act?

Christina Etteldorf

Page 255 - 261

European Union ∙ The Commission Proposal on Combatting Child Sexual Abuse - Confidentiality of Communications at Risk?

Teresa Quintel

Page 262 - 272

Bosnia and Herzegovina ∙ The GDPR Implementation In Non-Member States of the European Union: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Milica Sikimić

Page 273 - 277

Ireland ∙ Can a Data Breach be Caused by Poor Quality Data? An Analysis of a Decision by the Irish Data Protection Commission and its Potential Influence on Future Financial Data Sharing open-access

Andrés Chomczyk Penedo

Page 278 - 284

Portugal ∙ The Portuguese DPA’s ‘To Do’ List for Unsolicited Marketing

Graça Canto Moniz

Page 285 - 288

Norway ∙ Snatched up by Advertising Partners: Norwegian DPA Fines Grindr for Lack of Consent over Third-Party Data Sharing

Lara Marie Nicole Eguia

Page 289 - 294

United Kingdom ∙ Proposal for a New Data Regime in the UK: An Avenue to be Explored by the EU

Irith Kist

Page 295 - 301

Turkey ∙ Evaluation of the Recent Developments in Laws and Policies Relating to Cross-Border Data Transfers in Turkey

Leyla Keser Berber, Ayça Atabey

Page 302 - 310

Practitioners’ Corner ∙ Does the European Data Protection Framework Adequately Protect our Emotions? Emotion Tech in light of the Draft AI Act and its Interplay with the GDPR

Elisabeth Steindl

Page 311 - 319

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