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Genetic Information and Communities:

A Triumph of Communitarianism over the Right to Data Protection under the GDPR?


Adam Panagiotopoulos

This article addresses the question of whether and under which conditions a communitarian approach could be embedded in the data protection regime, focusing on the concept and regulation of genetic data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Reflecting on the collective and relational dimension of genetic data, this article challenges the communitarian doctrine, which underlies the relevant GDPR provisions, and suggests that the common good should not have ipso facto primacy over individual rights. The rights to data protection and privacy should be considered as individual rights, duties and shared ends.
Keywords: Communitarianism, Genetic Data, Data Protection, Privacy, Public Interest

Adam Panagiotopoulos, Adam Panagiotopoulos, LLM, Lawyer, Data Protection Advisor and Research Analyst at Trilateral Research Ltd. For correspondence: <>.


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