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United States ∙ Carpenter v US: Supreme Court Rules Police Need a Warrant to Obtain Cell-Site Location Information

Katrien Keyaerts

DOI https://doi.org/10.21552/edpl/2018/4/17

Keywords: Carpenter v US, US Supreme Court, cell-site location information, fourth ammendment, police warrant

Carpenter v United States, No 16-402, 585 US___, 138 S Ct 2206 (2018)

Katrien Keyaerts, Belgian attorney living in the United States; External Research Fellow, Research Group Fundamental Rights & Constitutionalism, Free University Brussels (VUB); LLM in US Legal Studies, University of Oklahoma (OU) College of Law. For correspondence: <mailto:katrienkeyaerts@ou.edu>.
US Const amend IV; Stored Communications Act (SCA; 18 USC 121, §§ 2701-2712), which is part of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA; 18 USC § 2510 et sqq).


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