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Privacy and Data Protection in the Age of Pervasive Technologies in AI and Robotics

Robert van den Hoven van Genderen


Robots have been a part of the popular imagination since antiquity. And yet the idea of a robot — a being that exists somehow in the twilight between machine and person — continues to fascinate. Privacy, data protection and physical integrity will be structurally influenced by the pervasive integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. Can we find ways to control this development or do we just have to live with the disintegration of privacy as we know it? Will the new rules by the GDPR on data protection suffice to protect our personal data or are these processes in the AI era impossible to regulate? How vulnerable is AI concerning the processing of our personal data? Do we still care about our privacy, if we increasingly share our personal information with other parties? What should our itinerary for the future be when attempting to create an acceptable solution? In this article these questions are discussed but the answers lie in actions for the future.

Dr Robert van den Hoven van Genderen is director of the Center for Law & internet (CLI) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, visiting fellow at Peking university and Tohoku University Japan and partner of Switchlegal Lawyers, Amsterdam. For correspondence: <>.


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