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Data Protection for Youth in the Digital Age: Developing a Rights-based Global Framework

Developing a Rights-based Global Framework

Kathryn C. Montgomery, Jeff Chester


This paper examines the history and legacy of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, identifying the key factors that shaped its ultimate outcome and explaining its legacy for both the digital children’s marketplace and US regulation. The authors also highlight important trends in the expansion of the global media marketplace for children, discuss the implications of these developments for young people’s privacy, and assess the adequacy of academic research to inform policy. The paper concludes with recommendations for a global initiative to promote the digital rights of young people.

Kathryn C. Montgomery, PhD, is Professor at the School of Communication, American University, Washington, DC, USA. For correspondence <>. Jeff Chester, MSW, is Executive Director of the Center for Digital Democracy, Washington, DC, USA. The authors wish to thank Tijana Milosevic for her contributions to research in this article.


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